29 Jul

What are Energetic Solutions and how can Ecogen help your business?

Once again, the economic crisis and the recovery plans raised the debate about energetic efficiency and its impact in business and industries. But how can we optimize energy consumption, combining efficiency with sustainability?

This is where energetic solutions matter: efficient and innovative projects that seek to build the best path so that different business and categories can save money, grow, and invest in an environmentally responsible way and with the confidence that only a company like Ecogen Brasil can provide.

We act in the custom development of each energetic need, ensuring higher cost predictability and services credibility. Our solutions generate trust in each operational step, with 24/7 monitoring, adding value to your business.

Learn more about some of our solutions and how each one of them can contribute to the cost reduction and in increasing the brand value of your company:

Solar: probably the most known clean energy solution, where electric energy is generated by solar panels to meet the local or remote necessities (Distributed Generation).

Cogeneration by Natural Gas: the electric energy is generated by natural gas, making use of the thermal energy dissipated from exhaust gases and in generators to create steam, cold and/or hot water.

Battery: storage of electric energy from a distribution grid or other solution so that it is possible to reduce costs, hire less energy supply from the distributor or to store solar energy during the day and use it at night.

Biogas: fuel generated from several organic residues. It is used to generate electric energy, steam and/or in industrial ovens.

Reuse Water: an Effluent Treatment Station is built to treat effluents and transform them in reuse water.

Biomass: generation or cogeneration of energy using biomass as fuel. It is a renewable energy source since it reuses animal or vegetal matters as a source to produce heat or electricity.

CWC: implementation of Cold-Water Centrals (new or by retrofit) for climatization or industrial processes.

These are just a few solutions that Ecogen Brasil can offer your business during this moment of world and society preservation, where we are all focused on finding more healthy and sustainable ways to evolve and to provide a better future for us all. This is our purpose here on Ecogen Brasil.

Learn more about our solutions clicking here . And request a preliminary analysis of your business from one of our consultants.

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