The commercial facilities need energy and refrigeration almost 24 hours a day, directly affecting the fixed costs of your venture.

Ecogen’s solutions ensure the necessary energy charge and air conditioning to your business in a reliable and safe manner, environmentally responsible, ensuring value to your brand.

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• Cogeneration of Natural Gas
• Cold Water Station
• Emergency Generation

Machines: • 4 Motogenerators run by Natural Gas – 8,000 kW
• 2 Motogenerators run by Diesel – 2,940 kW
• 4 Chillers of Hot Water Absorption – 2,160 TR
• 5 Electric Chillers – 2.030 TR
Objective: Ensuring reliability in the supply of utilities
Results: • The largest cogeneration plant implemented in a commercial building in Brazil
• Recuperation of more than 90% of electric events caused by the concessionaire
• Predictability of operation and maintenance costs of the cold-water unit
• LEED certification – one of the main certifications for sustainable constructions in the world

Processing Substation

Machines: • Processing Substation – 9,375 kVA
Objective: Enable the construction of the venture through the investment in 100% of the project of the substation to elevate the tension of the connection with the electric grid
Results: • A connection to the electric grid capable of meeting 100% of the venture’s demand.
• Predictability of operation and maintenance costs of the substation


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