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Electric Energy
Steam – by natural gas or biomass
Cold Water  – for
air conditioning or production processes
Industrial Gases
(CO² and N²)
Compressed Air

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Our Success Cases



Machine: Substation of 15 MVA
Objective: Enable the factory expansion investing in 100% of the substation project
Results: • Connection to a power grid capable of powering 100% of the factory’s demand
• Predictability of the substation’s operation and maintenance costs

Cogeneration of Natural Gas

Machines: • 3 Motogenerators run by Natural Gas – 12,000 kW
• 2 Chillers of Hot Water Absorption – 1,400 TR
• 3 Recovery Boilers – 6.9 tonnes/h
• 1 Compressor of Nitrogen Enriched Air – 500 kg/h
• 1 Plant of CO² Generation – 78 tonnes per da
• 3 Boilers run by Natural gas – 16.8 tonnes/h
Objective: Ensuring the provision of utilities with efficiency and quality
Results: • Recuperation of more than 80% of electric events caused by the concessionaire.
• Guaranteed delivery of all factories’ utilities at a fixed price
• On-site stock of 660 tonnes of CO² for local and external supply
• Operation and maintenance of the entire unit of utilities under Ecogen’s responsibility
• Possibility of selling the spare energy to other unities of the group with incentives (50% in TUSD)

Cogeneration run by Natural Gas and a Cold Water Central

Machines: • 2 Motogenerators run by Natural Gas – 2,700 kW
• 1 Chiller of Hot Water Absorption – 300 TR
• 2 Electric Chillers – 1,200 TR
• 3 Air Compressors – 7 bar
Objective: To complement the electric demand from the concessionaire that would not serve 100% of the factory’s charge
Results: • Predictability of the operation and maintenance costs of the utilities central and of the compressed air system
• Utilization of cogeneration to generate hot water (heater run by natural gas as a backup)
• Meeting the electric demand, as well as the hot and cold-water necessities of the factory

Biomass Boiler

Machines: Biomass Boiler - 50 tonnes/h
Objective: To reduce the steam production cost
Results: • Reduction of 35% in steam costs
• Environmentally responsible industry
• Less than 55,000 tonnes of CO² emission per year


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