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of Natural Gas

Electric Energy Generation through natural gas, making use of the thermal energy allayed from exhaustion gases and on the generators block to also generate steam, cold water and/or hot water.

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Generation of
Electric Energy
via Natural Gas

Generation of electric energy through combustion of natural gas.

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Generation or cogeneration of energy using biomass as fuel. It is an important source of renewable energy once it reuses animal or plant materials as a source of heat or electricity.

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Substations transforming 69kV or higher tensions.

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CAG (Cold Water Units)

Implementation of Cold-Water Units (new or retrofit) for climatization or industrial processes.

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Electric energy generated by solar panels to serve the demand locally or remotely (Distributed Generation).

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Storage of electric energy from the distribution system or from other solution to: reduce costs; reduce contracting demand from the distributer or use it to storage solar energy during the day to use it at night.


Implementation of new air compressor or retrofit of old compressed air units.

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Fuel generated from diverse organic residues. The gas can be used to generate electric energy, steam and/or in industrial ovens.

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Gas to

Generation of electric energy through the natural gas associated in onshore oil exploration wells.


This solution consists in an Effluents Treatment Station (ETE in Brazilian Portuguese) to treat effluents and turn them into reused water.


Do you know what
Distributed Generation is?

These are projects of renewable generation
(photovoltaic, biomass, qualified cogeneration
and CGH) of up to 5 MW whose electric energy
is generated in one place and consumed in another
(within the same concession area). Watch
the video and learn more:


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A preliminary analysis of the client’s necessities can make us understand the better way to support your business.

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From the concept to the operation and maintenance.

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Ecogen invests up to 100% of the solution and you, client, can direct your investment into your own business.

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During the entire contracted period, Ecogen is your only contact. That means you will not net to manage several partners. The responsibility is entirely ours, facilitating the controlling and delivering process.

Ecogen carries the trust of an international group present in more than 60 countries.

Investment in high

24-hour remote monitoring of the plants, 7 days a week.

Our differentiated

We rely on a team of experts with great expertise in operating and maintaining energy generation plants.

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We take good care of our people so they can be able to promote only the best to our clients.

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