Ecogen values all and any type of life, in or out of our company. And we know that caring for the environment is also promoting a better health to all.

Therefore, we are a company constantly searching for new and sustainable technologies and solutions
to generate positive changes to businesses, to society and to nature.


of Natural Gas

Electric Energy Generation through natural gas, making use of the thermal energy allayed from steam, cold water or hot water.

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Energy generated from a phenomenon occurring with particles of solar light, producing a clean electric energy.

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Generation or cogeneration of energy using biomass as fuel. It is an important source of renewable energy once it reuses animal or plant materials as a source of heat or electricity.

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Energy generated from several sources, such as: industrial residues, farming residues, urban solid residues, animal feces, Iodine from Effluent Treatment Stations (ETS), among others.

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This solution consists in an Effluents Treatment Station (ETE in Brazilian Portuguese) to treat effluents and turn them into reused water.

Gas to

Generation of electric energy through the natural gas associated in onshore oil exploration wells.

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